32nd International Economic Forum



September 5-7, 2023

Karpacz, Republic of Poland


The International Economic Forum is the leading business conference in Central and Eastern Europe. Previously held in Krynica, the Economic Forum has found its new venue in the beautiful town of Karpacz, located in the region of Lower Silesia close to the border between the Republic of Poland and the Czech Republic. Since 2021, BWA Global Economic Network has been an institutional partner of the conference which brings together former and acting Heads of State and Government with top and senior representatives from the spheres of business, politics, diplomacy, science and think tanks. More information on the Forum and prominent guests can be found here: Economic Forum (in Poland) - Wikipedia. For impressions from the previous years, please also consider the website of the hosting Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies: Economic Forum (forum-ekonomiczne.pl).

If you are interested to participate as a speaker or guest of this leading European business conference, please reach out to our federal headquarters (subject: „Economic Forum Karpacz 2023“): info@bwa-deutschland.de.


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